War on Christmas?

December 6, 2013

Conservative Christians are, once again, like they do every year, hyping the ‘War on Christmas’. They are afraid that there are too many people who do not recognize their religion’s claim on the holiday they have been trying, for two thousand years, to steal from the pagans.

December 25th was, for millennia, a holiday the Romans called Sol Invictus or the Unconquered Sun. Saturnalia was the celebration of the Winter Solstice, Sol Invictus was a celebration of the sun’s return to northern path guaranteeing the return of warmth, life, and another cycle of planting and harvesting food.

As the Christian Church gained power in Europe they decided there had to be another holiday, a Christian holiday, to replace the very popular celebrations of Saturnalia and Sol Invictus. So with no other evidence than their need for a holiday on December 25th, they decided that was when their baby god was born.

Humans, for as long as there have been humans in the northern hemisphere, have celebrated the The Winter Solstice and the first evidence that the sun was moving back to the north. Thousands of years before Christians came on the scene, humans were building rock circles, mound tombs, and other contrivances to mark the day of celebration.

So, Christians, remember you are late comers to this very ancient and human celebration and remember the reason for the season is axial tilt.

Family Matters

November 21, 2013

Now that my sister is home from the Skilled Nursing Facility, under Hospice care, I think of a scene from a movie. The movie is named Avalon. It is about a multigenerational immigrant family at the beginning of the 20th century. Besides the parents and children there was the Grandmother from one side of the family and the Grandfather from the other side living in the house. In the scene that has stuck with me since viewing the movie, the grandmother is sitting with the sick grandfather who is laying in the bed. One of the children peeks into the room. The grandmother turns and, extending her hand, speaks to the child, “Come on in, there’s nothing to be afraid of, he’s just dying.”

Tea Party Patriots

October 19, 2013

I have concluded that the best definition of a Tea Party Patriot is;

A person who is against every Government subsidy except the ones they are receiving.

For example I would offer the many Tea Party Republicans in the House and Senate who voted to reduce money for the SNAP program (Food Stamps) while voting to increase farm subsidies from which they personally benefit. As a specific example, Michelle Bachman.

Silly Republicans

October 11, 2013

They want to include, in raising the Debt Ceiling, language that would forbid the Treasury Department to take ‘extraordinary’ actions (like moving money around) to avoid default. That sounds great, let’s all encourage our city governments to pass a law forbidding fire fighters taking extraordinary actions (like using water) to avoid having houses burn down.

Wait, aren’t Republicans claiming that not raising the Debt Ceiling won’t cause a default because the Treasury Department can just ‘move money around’ to keep the debts paid?

I wish they’d make up their minds. Do they want the Treasury to move money around to avoid default or not?

I think the Republicans are pissed off because they were planning on not raising the debt limit back in May and the Treasury made them wait five whole months before they could crash the economy.

No, Both Parties Don’t Do It

October 10, 2013

Shutting down the government is not something that ‘both sides’ do, it’s something the Republicans have done in the past, and are doing again. Threatening to default on our debts is not something that ‘both parties’ do, it’s something the Republicans have done in the past and are threatening to do again.

Only the Republicans try to rule by extortion, not the a Democrats.

Conference Committee? Are You Kidding?

October 1, 2013

For the past six months the Senate has been asking the House to appoint conferees for a Conference Committee to resolve budget issues. Now, in an attempt use slight of hand to focus the blame for the government shut down on someone else, the House has asked for a Conference Committee for a Continuing Resolution to fund the government for six weeks. The Senate responded, quit correctly, ‘Pass the clean CR then come to a Conference Committee to resolve the budget issues for the next year’.

More evidence that their only goal has always been to close down the government.


October 1, 2013

From Gerrymandered House seats keeping them in control, to state efforts to restrict voting, Michigan’s ‘democracy free’ zones, and the House holding our Government, and probably our entire economy hostage to get what they could not get through the ballot box, it has become all too apparent that Republicans just don’t like democracy.


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