Policing the police

April 22, 2015

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who guards the guardians? or Who watches the watchers?
In a modern translation, who polices the police.  It has become undeniably obvious that the police cannot or will not police themselves, and we cannot depend on civil authorities to bring the police under control.  There is an answer.  We, the people, police the law officers we pay for.
Each of us has a camera and video recorder in our possession and we are getting better at making videos whenever we see police officers using what seems to be excessive force on a citizen.  We need to extend this surveillance.  Take pictures of every on duty police officer or sheriff’s deputy you see during the day in or out of their patrol cars.  Post the pictures using the hash tag #PolicingThePolice.  Let them know that, since they will not take care of the problem themselves, law abiding citizens will be watching them.  We will not allow violent officers to remain hidden by their fellow officers who refuse to control them or eliminate them from the force.
For several years I worked in a job that brought me into contact with police officers at crime scenes.  While I have never had anything but friendly interactions with law officers of all varieties, and I firmly believe that the vast majority of law officers in this country are honestly trying to do the best job they are able for the community they serve, they have not been able to remove the overly violent officers they serve with. 

Is America red?

November 2, 2014

We’ve seen the maps of the United States with areas colored red, or blue, depending on how the citizens vote. It’s always so overwhelmingly red. This map is adjusted for population. Notice it’s not so overwhelmingly read.


Another day in ‘post racial’ America

August 17, 2014

Watching the events in #Ferguson it’s hard not to believe that everyone, from the governor down wants the black community to riot. It will continue to move the story away from the murder of an unarmed young man who was holding his hands up in the universal sign of surrender. The only reason to release a video that the Police Chief himself said was irrelevant to the case was to incite more unrest in the community, smear the young man who was murdered by the police officer, and start the story moving away from the murder.

The Chief of Police said, with almost a smirk on his face, that he released it because the news media insisted and he couldn’t hold it any longer. In truth, the news media didn’t know this video existed, they asked for the incident report of the murder to be released which, Missouri state law requires. That incident report still has not been released. All the witnesses agree that the young man was shot while running away, then stopped, raised his hands and turned around. Autopsy reports have not been released. Excuse me for believing they are being withheld because they agree with the eye witnesses.

Investigating the Benghazi Investigation

May 10, 2014

Through all the hyperventilation, hysterics, rumor mongering, fund raising, and attempts to trump up a scandal, the Republicans in the House have not done one thing that actually makes our diplomats safer. In fact, they’ve cut the security budget for the State Department. Even now the new select committee is not investigating what can be done to to increase the security for our diplomats, they are investigating who had input in writing the ‘talking points’ for our Ambassador to the United Nations to use when she talked about the tragedy on national television. Despite them not being able to point to anything that has been covered up, they desperately want to prove that there was a cover up.

It’s no surprise that there was a lot of thought, care, and communications involved in crafting the talking points, there was a CIA operation involved. When the CIA is involved we need to be vary careful about what we say in public. Of course Republicans, seeing their willingness to expose CIA operatives, probably don’t think it’s all that important.

It is obvious that the Select Committee on Benghazi is more about fund raising, the mid term elections, and tarnishing Hillary Clinton’s reputation before the 2016 presidential election than it is about the safety of our diplomats abroad.

Scottish Games

April 28, 2014

The games are winding down. Cape Breton dancers are on the stage.


Perfect day for Scottish Games

April 28, 2014

A perfect day in Woodland Ca for #ScottishGames, cloudy, windy, cold, threatening rain. Just like Scotland.


At the games

April 28, 2014

At the games, doing walk throughs. Our first set takes place as soon as the religious types vacate our stage.



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